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As of Feb. 15th 2005 there will be a Rate Increase, I haven't raised rates in 4 years. Thank you...

FullMoon pic
The backround on my photo was created
excluslivly for me by MARY,The Nomad Cyber Queen

FullMoon pic

Welcome to FullMoon Graphics!
(update 2004) I've recently become quite involved in the music
industry so my time for this business is limited these days.
Summer months are no longer available but am able to do
web pages from October to March. I do enjoy this work and will
build your site as though it were my own.

If you are a Not-For-Profit (501-C3) and cannot afford
any monetary amount, I also love to barter,
so don't hesitate to ask!


2003 WEB RATES Basic Includes:
*Custom Backround
*Header Graphic
*Small head/banner
*Matching Button
*Matching Bar

Ask About:
*Photo Backrounds
*Listing with Search Engines
*Custom Personalized Web-Sets

*$10.00 per month to maintain site.

*Any reasonable barter offer will be considered!

page with border set,
up to 5 links and midi, $75.

3 pages with border sets,
your choice. Midi, up to 5 links
per page, $100.

moon5 to 7 pages
with border sets or background,
midi, up to 5 links per page, $125.

moon10 pages
with border set or background,
midi, up to 5 links per page, $175.

moonScanning images $5 each

moonEnhancing images $5 each

moonAny additions after
initial set up will be charged on
an hourly basis @ $50 per hour.