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this will work great, it looks like it came from you, from georgia! I paid for "signature confirmation" so that means she has to sign for the letter, there for proving she rec'd it and she can't say she didn't get it. Also, DON'T HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH her for the next couple weeks. She may think your home with the way the return address is and there will be NO LOCAL POSTMARK! Just looks like it was mailed from Georgia on sept 9th. I'm not going to mail this till tomorrow or Monday. see if you can get me that new copy of the signature and seal! Love you, Auntie You successfully created a shipping label using PayPal Shipping with U.S. Postal ServiceŽ. Your shipment details are below. Once you give the package to the Post Office, your shipment will be on its way! Shipment Details ---------------------------------------------------------------- Shipped From: Spc Skoglund Eric B Bco 3/7 inf 4 BDE 31D APO, AE 09364 United States Shipped To: Brennin L. Skoglund 1724 Dodge Ave Duluth, MN 55811 United States